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About Us

Originally founded as Hotdeskfinder in 2012, VYBY is a friendly community of people who think it should be easier for people to explore their available workspaces. Whether you need a place to work for a couple of hours or require a long term serviced office, we can help you find a space that's suitable for your needs.

In recent years the office requirement has changed, particularly during the global covid pandemic. We now need a place to work and socialise in the most convenient location with the ideal selection of facilities. This may be a business centre, bar, cafe or hotel close to home or your family or your team. You may no longer able to work at home due to the space noise or stress of not being out. 'Work near to home' will be the new mantra in business.

The concept of coworking or hotdesking is not new. We first experienced the frustration of the office search whilst working in Glasgow. We needed a local office for a small time to complete a project whilst being local to the customer. After time wasted with failed searches we eventually attempted to use the airport lounge. The results were expensive and wholly non productive. From this we designed hotdeskfinder. This was very successful with business centres from around the world using our mobile application. VYBY is the evolution of this, to become a universal and easier to navigate web app.

Currently owning and operating a business centre, Lion Court, and having our own IT company, Highgrove Computer Services, we understand first hand the trials of finding the ideal work life balance in a location that not only has all the business facilities close to hand, but is also in your required location.

We want VYBY to be an app that is used on a regular basis when you need to work away from home, linking your work requirement with quality locations that let you make your business a success.